Baseus Minipeng Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Hand Washing Machine White

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Baseus Minipeng Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Hand Washing Machine

Main Feature :

Automatic Induction Bubble: 

Infrared induction technology, ultra-fast induction time, only 0.25s, making life more convenient. When your hands reach the sensing area ( the sensing distance is 0-5cm ),

it will automatically emit dense bubbles. Gentle bubbles penetrate the pores and clean your hands.

Energy Saving & Environmental Protection: 

A novel saving method, innovative bubble pump technology, can convert liquid into foam, reducing your use of liquid soap by 50%.

Micro high efficiency motor, low power consumption, more quieter.

Concise Design: 

The bottle of hand sanitizer is made of high-grade matte material, transparent and clean, which can checks the usage at any time.

Usage Methods:

1. Touch the switch and turn on the automatic hand washing machine.

2. It is recommended to rinse hands until wet.

3. Stretch your hand to the induction area to obtain abundant foam.

4. It is recommended to rub your hands thoroughly.

5. After washing with clean water, dry your hands.

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