Baseus sunshine series human body induction wardrobe smart light

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 Human Body Induction Wardrobe Smart Light

Dual intelligence induction light PIR human body induction + photosensitive induction, induction switch is more intelligent.

Long endurance

800mAh large capacity, the theoretical continuation can reach more than 4 months in induction mode. (Note: based on 5 times a day of the induction

light on)

High color rendering index lamp bead

High color rendering index LED lamp beads of more than 90, restore the natural color of clothing.

Multi-scene application It is widely used in the areas where the light is required, such as wardrobe, living room, bedroom, bedside, corridor, stairs, kitchen, storage cabinet, toilet, etc.

Magnetic installation

Customized magnetic base, installation and disassembly is simple and convenient.

Name: Baseus Sunshine Series Human Body Induction Wardrobe Light


Material: ABS+PC

Power: 1W

Operating temperature: – 10°C~ + 40°C

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Color temperature: 4000K|Natural light)/6500K|White light)

Size: 290*36*16mm

Product weight: 115g

Little Consumption Long Endurance

It is a low energy consumption tamp.

The theoretical endurance of the built-in 800mAh

high-capacity battery is more than 150 Days in induction mode. Save you from repeated charging.

Comparable to Natural Light Sources Light Up the Natural Color of Clothing In order to restore the natural color of clothing under the lamp, we adopt the higher standard LED lamp beads of more than 90 of color rendering index, comparable to natural light sources and better restoring the natural color of clothing.

Spatialization of Light Service Light up Exquisite Life

Baseus Lighting focuses on different requirements of lights in different life scenes and provides customers with spatialization of light service for better lighting experience.

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